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It is a great pleasure to recommend A to Z Household Services. I have known Sonja for approximately eight years and she has worked for me on a part-time basis in the linen rental business for the past nine years. Sonja is the person I call first when there is a job to be done. She is extremely conscientious, reliable, thorough, trustworthy and personable. When needed, I have had Sonja be in charge of a job setup and other support staff. I know things will be done correctly when she is there. Some traits that make Sonja one of my favorites: shows up 15 minutes early; clarifies how things are to be done before starting; works hard at any and all tasks; anticipates what needs to be done so she doesn't need reminding; checks the overall room when the job is complete to make sure everything is perfect; anxious to learn new things; downright fun to be around.
- Linda B., Director, Linens Unlimited Inc.

I have used Sonja's services at A - Z since I moved to Firestone six years ago. She is very thorough, professional, pleasant and friendly. I live in Minnesota half time and A to Z Household Services has been flexible with my schedule. All I have to do is call her and she will be there when I need her. I trust Sonja totally and would recommend her and A - Z to anyone wanting quality, trustworthy household services.
- Steve Fredrickson

I have had the good fortune to have used A to Z Household Services prior to my move. Sonja is extremely meticulous, and attentive to detail. She is very conscientious, and I always knew the house would be gleaming when I came in. From my interior French door panes to my laundry room, it was always apparent the home had been cleaned with care and pride. Since my move, I have used several cleaning services, both individuals and companies, but I have not been able to find the level of professionalism and service I received from A to Z Household Services. I have the highest regards for her work, her ethics, and her professionalism. I strongly recommend her without reservation.
- Lynn M.

I have known Sonja for about three years and I would whole heartedly recommend her. I have worked with A to Z Household Services in a number of capacities over the past couple years and she has always exceeded my expectations. She is very organized and is able to complete a project or task within the parameters provided. She is extremely conscience and takes great effort in making sure she does a tremendous job. Sonja has amazed me time after time in her ability to take projects to completion when most people would have written them off as not achievable. I have no doubt that Sonja has the ability to handle pressures.
- Gennaro D., Esq.

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